Message from Jesse: I called St. Joe’s Port-a-Huts to ask them to bring in the port-a-potties from the Palouse Divide. I think we’ve had our run for this winter, and it’s time for Spring.
I’ll be in touch soon about the status of the snowmobile, plans for 2024-25, and other new developments. But before that, here’s a photo of the club trip to the Idaho City Yurt system last week! It was a great trip!!!

Hume Road (not pictured) is still in great shape with a good base and well-preserved tracks. There are just a couple minor thin spots (mostly past the intersection with Big Loop), that are easily bypassed. The challenging part is getting to Hume Road! The main Palouse Divide road has many bare sections. The dwindling base has been all churned up by a vehicle on wide tracks that went up and down the road. (According to Shirley of the lodge, the Forest Service had to drive to Bald Mountain.) Past the turnoff to Big Loop there is a long section of just bare dirt, where you have to carry your skis for quite a ways.


We were able to get the 377, Hume Rd., and Big Loop groomed Friday. Snow conditions are generally good but thin spots starting to break through.

We also groomed the 3828 road on the West side. One bare spot on the way up but snow is generally better.
Have a great weekend of spring skiing.

The snow is holding, the conditions are great, and the trails are being groomed by our crack team!

You all should have great ski conditions for this weekend. The Forest Service is not active on the West Side again this week, so groomers will get out and do as much as they can over there, as well as the regular East Side trails! Enjoy those opportunities while they last!

A grooming team is going up today and another will be up tomorrow. Enjoy!

Several new inches of new snow in last 24 hours. Total of 10” at the Lodge now. The Divide Rd. (377) is packed to Lanes Overlook. Hume Rd and Big Loop are packed as well all in anticipation of getting groomed tomorrow. The groomers will have to make the call in the morning as to whether grooming is helpful or not. Snow is still a little thin under the trees. I could feel the ski scags touching ground once in a while. Hume Road and Big Loop have the best coverage. Little, Meadow and Potlatch loops left untouched for some nice powder skiing.