Dear Nordic Skiers of the Palouse,

Grooming Report: Sadly, there will be no grooming this week due to lack of snow. And there’s no snow predicted in the next few days. Be patient! We had a couple of weeks with fun skiing. There will be more!

Ski Instructors: As you know, the club offers free cross-country ski lessons on Free Ski Day, the following week and then every two weeks until the snow melts in the spring. We are looking for a couple more instructors to help out. If you are an experienced skier and want to help others become one too, let me know! No experience teaching skiing needed — we have lead instructors to take the helm, but we could use some folks to support.

Special Olympics: Similarly, Moscow’s Special Olympics team is looking for volunteers to help with snowshoeing and cross-country skiing this winter, also on Saturday mornings. If you are interested in helping out, contact Jill Rinaldi at!

Grant Applications: The club will be applying for a grant from Idaho Parks and Recreation for new trail equipment (pole saws, communication radios, etc.). We will be looking for Nordic skiers of the Palouse willing to write letters of support. I will send specific instructions when I have them. If you are willing to make your voice known, we can speak louder when we do it together.

Fundraiser: I am elated to announce that we raised almost $14,000 in our fundraiser this year. That will allow us to purchase a new Skandic 600 utility snowmobile to ensure continued reliable grooming at the Divide. We’ll purchase the machine soon and get it on the trails early in 2024. If you chipped in, even just one $5 raffle ticket, stand proud when the groomers drive past on the trail that you helped bring that machine to the Palouse Divide. Thanks to Hyperspud Sports for donating the prizes, and to all the generous members of our community who make this possible!

Doing my little snow dance on a warm mid-April, er, late December day,

Jesse Spohnholz, for the Palouse Divide Nordic Ski Club

As many on the Palouse are shivering in their houses because of the gas shutdown, it may feel that winter is even closer than ever! But there’s still several weeks before we can expect any snow! As we prepare for that day, I wanted to announce that the club was able to complete all necessary trail maintenance on the trail work day last Saturday, so we do not need to go up for our secondary day this coming Sunday. The warming hut has been moved. Firewood has been chopped. The trails are clear. Now we are ready for snow!

Stay tuned for a full calendar of events at the Divide! In the meantime, if you have not yet purchased raffle tickets, go ahead and do that now on our website. We are over $1,000 into the $3,000 matching gift from Tom and Julia Mumford for a new snowmobile for grooming! Also make sure to renew your membership and get your ParkNSki pass for the 2023-24 ski season!

Jesse Spohnholz, for the Palouse Divide Nordic Ski Club

P.S. As always, if you want to stop receiving the notifications, just let me know!