Dear Nordic Skiers of the Palouse,
Grooming begins! The groomers are at it with plans to groom Big Loop, the Palouse Divide Road, and Hume Road, where the snow is its best. Snow is thinner at Meadow Creek Loop and Little Loop, so we probably will have to wait for another snowfall for those. Thanks groomers!
Bingo night and Fundraiser: Tonight ends our fundraiser to get a new utility snowmobile to replace our old Yamaha. At the 1919 Center tonight in Moscow is Bingo from 6 to 9pm. We’ll have the last raffle tickets for sale there as well and the website will stop accepting the online purchase of raffle tickets when that event is over. So if you want to get a chance to win a complete Nordic ski packet from Hyperspud Sports, act now! Thanks Hunga Dunga for puttin this one!
Free Ski Day at the Divide. Our next event will be Free Ski Day, with free lessons, free rentals (thanks, again Hyperspud Sports!), free parking, and free food! Come on up for the fun on January 13, starting at 10am. (See the event page for more info)
Women’s Skis. As I announced at the club meeting last Thursday, this year, a group of women will be organizing women’s ski outings. I will announce them in my Thursday updates, but they are organizing these informal women’s skis. If you are interested in helping to organize, let me know and I’ll put you in touch!
Website and Membership Updates. The club is finally moving into the 21st century with our membership! Soon, I’m going to start transitioning to an announcement list, instead of emailing you separately. We are also going to allow members to manage their own membership information. If you have not done so, go check out

 to manage your membership information. This shold transition us away from the paper membership forms (which will still exist if you want them). You can also remove your email there or remove your membership entirely if you want to stop getting these reports. Thanks to our webmaster Andy Jacobs!

Pay your dues and buy your ParkN’Ski Pass. Club dues go for snowmachine and grooming equipment maintenance, port-a-potty rental, and upkeep and improvements on the warming hut (like our awesome new outhouse)! And ParkN’Ski Passes are required for parking at the Palouse Divide during the season (and also help support trail maintenance).
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,
Jesse, for the Palouse Divide Nordic Ski Club

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