Dear Fellow Cross-Country Skiers,
Some of you (and me!) had the opportunity to take advantage of the 2 days of great early snow at the Divide last weekend. Sadly, we are back up to more normal temps for the first week of December, so the snow is melting. But it will be back in a matter of days! Fear not!
While we wait, a few reports:
First, our annual club meeting will be this coming Saturday, 4-6pm at Moscow Brewing Company. We’ll have updates on the Divide, including Free Ski Day, lessons, the website, logging operations, news about our fundraiser, elections of club officers, our ski swap, and other events. Come with your ideas and your questions! If you have not done so, you can pay your annual club membership dues ($20 per person, $30 for a family) to support the port-a-potties, grooming costs and snowmobile maintenance, and other club costs. Come and make ski friends!
Second, the port-a-potties are now up at the Divide. If anyone ever finds something missing or wrong with them this winter, contact this email and we’ll get on it! The same goes for the outhouse by the warming hut.
Third, the snows this weekend knocked down a few trees on the trails. If our groomers can’t groom this Thursday, they should be able to start clearing those! But grooming will start soon in any case.
Finally, don’t forget to get your Park N’ Ski Pass! Get them at Hyperspud Sport or online at

. Make sure to identify the Palouse Divide as your primary ski location! It helps the club a lot if you do!

See you on the trails!

Jesse Spohnholz, President of the Palouse Divide Nordic Ski Club

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